Housing and Construction Bureau led, elevator "free" insurance! Elevator repair, like traffic accident insurance



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Housing and Construction Bureau led, elevator "free" insurance! Elevator repair, like traffic accident insurance


"Elevator insurance to achieve full coverage, 'Zhuzhou program' feasible." On February 28, China Property Management Association and his party came to our city to investigate the reform plan of introducing insurance mechanism for elevator maintenance. Last year, the Housing and Construction Department of Hunan Province asked all cities and prefectures in the province to learn from the "Zhuzhou Plan" of property management ". This time, the "Zhuzhou plan" will be promoted to the national property industry, benefiting more owners.

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In 2021, Zhuzhou became the province's only property special maintenance funds value-added income use pilot reform city.Zhuzhou to elevator maintenance insurance as a breakthrough, in the province for the first time to achieve the use of maintenance funds value-added income to buy elevator insurance, and successfully in 503 elevators on the pilot.Obvious results have been achieved.

What is the good thing about this scheme? "Zhuzhou scheme" tries to find a solution to practical problems in the field where the rules are not perfect, and the pilot situation also proves that it is really effective.

Elevator insurance does not need to be paid by the owner.

This "Zhuzhou plan", to put it simply, isUse the value-added income of housing maintenance funds to purchase elevator insurance..Although maintenance funds cannot be insured, interest can be. The "Zhuzhou scheme" of elevator insurance is aimed at interest.

After the promulgation of the Property Law in 2007, the property special maintenance fund was renamed "property special maintenance fund". The maintenance funds of each community are a huge pool of funds. Like the principal, the value-added income of maintenance funds cannot be used directly, but is continuously rolled into the maintenance fund account.

By introducing a market-oriented third-party organization, the elevator maintenance and repair responsibility is transferred to the insurance company in the form of a lump sum contract. After the insurance company intervenes, out of consideration of the risk of compensation, it will naturally pay attention to the daily maintenance of the elevator, conduct a comprehensive physical examination and monitoring of the elevator, and ensure that the maintenance company conducts professional and efficient maintenance of the elevator. This also clarifies the responsibilities of all parties, solves the troubles and contradictions in the previous maintenance procedures, and ultimately benefits the residents.

In July last year, Shanshui Wenyuan Community in Tianyuan District used the value-added income of maintenance funds to buy insurance for 104 elevators in the community. Before buying, the owners have also done their homework. The "Zhuzhou City Property Special Maintenance Fund Management Measures" jointly issued by the Municipal Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau and the Finance Bureau wrote that the value-added income of maintenance funds can be purchased for various facilities insurance; For elevators that have been in operation for more than 5 years, the applicant can apply to the Municipal Maintenance Fund Management Center to purchase them.

Value-added income to buy insurance, is it enough? The relevant person in charge of the city's housing maintenance fund management center introduced, last year, the city's maintenance funds deposited a total of about 5.2 billion yuan, in order to ensure maximum interest, the city's maintenance center to introduce market competition, so that the special account bank competition, and ultimately achieve the People's Bank of China benchmark interest rate on the basis of floating to the highest value. Judging from the pilot situation, the annual premium for each elevator ranges from 1500 yuan to 5000 yuan, and the value-added income is sufficient to support it, and the insured amount can reach 80000 yuan per elevator per year.

Multi-party supervision of elevator maintenance

As the first batch of pilot districts in the city to participate in the reform, 40 elevators in Taishan Mansion in Tianyuan District paid the premium through the overall account of maintenance funds and were insured with "elevator maintenance insurance". By the end of last year, insurance institutions had supervised the maintenance of pilot elevators for more than 300 times and responded within 30 minutes after receiving the report, with an average maintenance time limit of only 1.58 days.

centering on the line of thinking of "turning dead money into living money and making good use of living money,Municipal Housing and Construction BureauAdhering to the combination of crossing the river by feeling the stones and strengthening the top-level design, through the initial two elevators to the current more than 1700 elevators, various problems have been solved by reform.

The management and use of interest can be much more flexible than the use of maintenance funds.

In terms of management, the floating interest generated by the scale storage is used to establish a value-added income co-ordination account, which is built by building or unit. In terms of use, the "Zhuzhou Plan" divides elevators. For elevators that have been in operation for more than 5 years, three relevant owners, owners' committees, or property companies apply, and can directly enter the publicity procedure through community filing and approval. During the publicity period, they can be purchased without objection, and there is no need to organize owners to vote.

Article 55 of the "Hunan Province Property Management Regulations" implemented in 2021 proposes the emergency use of maintenance funds, that is, in case of some emergencies, the owner's vote can be skipped and used directly. Elevator failures are listed in it. The principle is "use first and then publicize".

"Elevator maintenance is the highest incidence of emergency maintenance events, the purchase of elevator maintenance insurance is essentially to make the accident after-treatment into pre-prevention." The relevant person in charge of the municipal maintenance fund center said that in the future, elevator repair will be like taking insurance for traffic accidents. All elevator failures in the pilot area shall be responded within 30 minutes, and the response to major failures shall not exceed 24 hours.

Up to now, none of the pilot communities in our city has applied for maintenance funds due to elevator failure, and there is no public complaint caused by elevator failure.

Source: Elevator Standards and Inspection

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