After installing the elevator in the old house, the 6th floor began to regret? Old owner: 3 reasons are very "realistic"



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After installing the elevator in the old house, the 6th floor began to regret? Old owner: 3 reasons are very "realistic"

Entering 2023, the transformation of old communities across the country has entered a peak period, and many old communities are undergoing renovation. Compared with the old reform, there are more and more news about the restart of the shed reform recently. In the case of the downturn in the property market, the restart of the shed reform is conducive to destocking and easing housing pressure, thus solving the current property market problems. At present, the biggest problem in the property market is the inventory problem. Both the new housing market and the second-hand housing market have accumulated a large number of houses, which is similar to the property market in 2014. However, the inventory problem in the property market in 2014 was solved through the shed reform, which is also the main reason why the news of restarting the shed reform has been circulating recently.

It is undeniable that in the past year, many cities and regions have begun to restart the shed reform, and the purpose of starting the shed reform is self-evident, which is to help the property market get rid of the predicament. But at present, the renovation project of the old community has been in full progress, and this is the general trend. In the future, most of the old houses will be renovated, and only a small part of the old houses will be demolished for various reasons. Therefore, in the future, the old residential quarters will still be mainly renovated, and some people will stop fantasizing about demolition. For the renovation of the old community, the installation of elevators is what many people hope, because the biggest difference between the old community and the new commercial housing is that there is no elevator. Now there are many old people living in the old community. With the increase of age, the legs and feet of these old people are becoming more and more inconvenient, and it is very difficult to go up and down the stairs. If elevators can be installed, the problem of travel difficulties for the elderly will be solved in the future.

However, it is not easy to install elevators in old residential areas. It not only meets the conditions for installing elevators, but also requires the consent of more than 2/3 of the owners. And there can be no opposition from the owners. Therefore, in order to be able to install elevators, many high-rise owners began to run for the installation of elevators before the old changes in the community. On the one hand, they prepared documents for the installation of elevators, and at the same time, they also needed to seek the consent of the owners. Especially in seeking the consent of the owners, it is very difficult, because the owners of the middle floor feel that it doesn't matter whether they install elevators or not, and maintain a neutral attitude. The owners of the first and second floors basically oppose the installation of elevators. In this case, a community can successfully install elevators, and many high-floor owners have made great efforts. However, after making unremitting efforts to install the elevator, many owners on the 6th floor began to regret it, because over time, they found that there were three problems they needed to face after installing the elevator.

First: spend double money, follow-up spending increases, economic pressure

Before installing elevators, high-rise owners wanted to install elevators very much. They thought that as long as elevators were installed, everything would be better. Although it will cost a lot of money to install elevators, the high-rise houses will appreciate a lot after installing elevators, so the overall situation is not a loss. In fact, even if elevators are installed, the appreciation space of these old houses is limited, and there is even no room for appreciation. In fact, the reason is also very simple, that is, the current property market is sluggish, the market supply exceeds demand, and new commercial houses are not easy to sell, let alone these old houses.

The house did not appreciate, but the cost increased a lot, which made many high-rise owners uncomfortable. Due to the high cost of installing elevators, and most of the time, the owners of the first and second floors do not have to pay any fees, and even the owners of the high floors have to compensate the owners of the first and second floors, which leads to the owners of the high floors basically having to pay double the fees to install elevators. However, the installation of the elevator is not the end, but the beginning. The operation and maintenance cost of the elevator is not low. Under the condition that the owner on the first floor does not bear the cost, the cost is generally borne in a stepped manner, that is, the higher the floor, the higher the cost, and the lower the floor, the lower the cost. In other words, after installing the elevator, the owners of the high floors have to bear a high cost, which makes the already tense economic pressure even greater.

Second: noise interference, privacy issues

There is no noise interference on the high floor, especially the house on the top floor, and the privacy problem does not exist, but after the elevator is installed, these problems exist. Since the stair room did not consider the problem of installing elevators at the beginning of the design, the elevators installed in the old community are all external elevators. Under normal circumstances, elevators are installed on the back, which has little effect on lighting, but the corridors of many old houses are in the south. In this case, if elevators are installed, the lighting problem of the house will be affected.

For high-floor houses, lighting and ventilation are not a problem, the biggest problem is noise interference. Because the elevator is a steel structure, the noise will be relatively large during operation. At the same time, the sound insulation effect of the old house is not good, so every building will have noise when the elevator is running. In addition, with the elevator, it becomes easier for people to go up and down the stairs, which will lead to some people taking the elevator to the top floor, which will lead to privacy issues for the top floor owners.

Third: increase security risks

Although only qualified houses can be equipped with elevators, these houses themselves have not considered the problem of installing elevators, so the installation of elevators itself is still an "illegal construction", which will damage the structure of the house. The quality of the old house itself is not very good. After installing the elevator, the elevator will always vibrate, which may make the quality problem of the house more and more serious.

In addition, the elevator itself is a safety hazard. In recent years, the problem of elevator aging has become more and more serious, and there are more and more elevator accidents. For these additional external elevators, the quality problem is also very serious, because the external elevator is hit by the wind and rain, the aging problem will be very serious, and the probability of failure is higher than that of the built-in elevator. Therefore, with the passage of time, the aging of these external elevators will become more and more serious, not only the maintenance cost will be higher and higher, but also the failure will occur frequently, which has great potential safety hazard.

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