NPC deputies suggested: fundamentally improve the salary of elevator personnel and solve the serious shortage of maintenance workers!



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NPC deputies suggested: fundamentally improve the salary of elevator personnel and solve the serious shortage of maintenance workers!


With the continuous acceleration of urbanization, there are more and more high-rise buildings in our province, and the number of elevators installed is also increasing year by year, but what is not synchronized is that the elevator industry has a serious shortage of human resources.In view of this situation,Provincial People's Congress Representative Zhang Kaihua Suggests,From a long-term perspective, we should strengthen the planning and training of elevator maintenance technicians, lay a good foundation for the sound development of the industry, and also "another insurance" for the safe use of elevators for the general public ".

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"With the rapid economic development in recent years, the number of elevators in our province will be around 170000 by the end of 2019. Taking into account the demand for elevators in low-and middle-rise buildings and new high-rise elevators in the renovation of old neighborhoods, it is expected that the number of elevators in our province will still maintain an annual growth of about 10% in the future." deputy zhang kaihua said,Compared with the rapid growth of the elevator industry, the elevator industry has a serious shortage of human resources, which has seriously restricted the healthy development of the industry.He analyzed that if our province adds 20000 elevators in use and 30 elevators per person per year, our province needs a net increase of more than 600 elevator maintenance workers per year. But the current situation is that there are currently less than 400 employees graduated from elevator-related majors in various vocational and technical schools in our province, and they are assigned to be placed in various regions of the country.

Investigating the reasons, Zhang Kaihua representatives believe that, first, the elevator maintenance work is highly professional."Elevators are special equipment. Elevator maintenance personnel are different from other types of work and generally require three to five years of training to take up their posts."Second, the elevator maintenance practitioners low salary. He said:"At present, the maintenance cost in the market is low, and there is a certain danger in the work of elevator maintenance workers, but the salary is not high. Generally, the monthly salary is about 3000 yuan, and those who do well can reach about 5000 yuan.This is also a long-standing problem in the national elevator industry.

Zhang Kaihua said that in order to solve the problem of "more and more elevators are installed but more and more multi-dimensional insurance workers are in short supply", the government should earnestly assume the functions of management and supervision, further strengthen the management of property management and the management of vicious competition in the maintenance market, and establish an elevator and property integrity construction system guided by trustworthiness, dishonesty and self-discipline,Fundamentally improve the salary of employees. In addition, it is necessary to focus on the long-term development of the elevator industry, strengthen vocational and technical education, give full play to the role of industry associations, strengthen the training of employees, especially those who have no professional background, and plan the talent reserve and development of elevator employees in an orderly manner. Provide scientific and reasonable support for practitioners.

Source: Xi'an News Network, Elevator Maintenance

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