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"Xiaoyi Xiaoyi, go to the 10th floor." In the elevator car of Beijing Haidian Hospital, Ms. Sun's voice just fell, and the elevator immediately rose to the 10th floor according to the instructions. Passengers did not need to touch the elevator buttons throughout the journey. This is the country's first "AI voice elevator" launched by a Beijing technology company. It has been employed in Beijing Haidian Hospital and the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical University.

During the prevention and control of the epidemic, in order to prevent the elevator keys from spreading the new coronavirus, the elevators were generally disinfected every day in various residential areas; at the same time, in order to prevent the residents' hands from touching the elevator keys, many communities placed paper towels, toothpicks and other items in the elevators. This approach will have some effect, but the effect is limited. The use of elevators in public places such as hospitals is even more worrying about the spread of the virus due to the large number of people and the complexity of the situation.

The AI voice elevator launched by this company in Beijing can effectively reduce the spread of the epidemic because it does not need to press the button to take the elevator, which undoubtedly avoids contact between people and the button of the elevator. Especially for hospitals, AI voice elevator can not only prevent medical staff from being infected, but also prevent patients from being invaded by the virus, which can play a positive role in hospital epidemic prevention, can be regarded as one of the anti-epidemic "black technology" products.

We are entering the era of intelligence, a variety of artificial intelligence products continue to emerge, AI voice elevator appears seems to be expected. However, before the outbreak, AI voice elevator has not yet been available, and in the process of epidemic prevention and control, research and development enterprises according to public places noise and other issues, as well as during the outbreak to wear masks voice instructions may not be clear enough, the development of exclusive acoustic algorithms and timely launch of this product, the timing is very accurate.

This outbreak is the best time to promote AI voice elevators. The product has been installed and put into trial operation in Haidian Hospital since late February. As of March 2, more than 8000 calls have been completed. This shows that the product has been tested by practice to run well and has promotional value. Once the product is promoted, it will not only be conducive to epidemic prevention, protect the life and health of elevator users, but also promote revolutionary changes in the elevator industry, which will make life smarter.

It should be pointed out that the AI voice elevator is not a "lazy elevator", not to help us save the effort of pressing the elevator, but to improve our quality of life. This kind of elevator is not just an "epidemic prevention elevator". Although it has an indirect epidemic prevention effect, it does not mean that it will lose value after the epidemic is over. From the perspective of maintaining public health and safety, AI voice elevator not only has the function of epidemic prevention, but also has the function of preventing bacteria in daily life.

As we all know, in recent years, various cities have disinfected public facilities such as subway cars and elevators in public places every day, in order to ensure the safety and hygiene of public facilities and reduce the damage of viruses and bacteria to public health. Then, taking the AI voice elevator without pressing the elevator can also reduce the contact between the elevator and people, and then reduce the spread of germs. Only from the perspectives of convenience and hygiene, AI voice elevator is expected to become a trend in the future.

In addition, AI voice elevator also supports video call and anomaly detection functions. In case of emergency, users can directly call for help through the elevator intelligent screen, and the management can launch emergency rescue in the first place and provide rescue guidance through video call. In today's frequent elevator accidents, there is no doubt that more secure elevators have more market. Moreover, it does not need to change the elevator car or buttons, that is, the cost of using AI voice elevator will not be very high.

It is expected that more public places, including hospitals, will use AI voice elevators. It is also hoped that the elevator research and development enterprises will closely observe the operation of AI voice elevators, because a new product needs to be continuously improved. As a traditional elevator company, it is also necessary to see the "danger" and "machine" from this AI voice elevator, and adjust the development direction in time.

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