Free installation, paid use! Yunnan's first "shared elevator" is coming



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Free installation, paid use! Yunnan's first "shared elevator" is coming

"The later cost is good to discuss, first install the elevator to say ......" April 10, located in Wuhua District, Kunming City, Fengning Street, Chunhui Road, No. 6, the provincial party school living area, 4 units of the elevator installation project has resumed construction. Looking at the elevator shaft in the blue enclosure, the residents talked with a smile on their faces that the long-standing problem of going up and down the stairs was finally solved.

The main body of this elevator installation project is Beijing Futong Xiaoyu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Futong Xiaoyu Company"). The project adopts the method of "free installation and paid use". The enterprise installs the elevator free of charge, and the residents pay for it by time, month or year. This is also the first time in Yunnan Province to take the rental model to install the external elevator.

For residents, it is indeed a matter of people's livelihood to install elevators without paying. However, some people also question: how to divide the rights and responsibilities of elevator use and maintenance? How can enterprises make profits from this mode? Is "shared elevator" really so beautiful?










Provincial Party School living area elevator installation project has resumed construction.

Pilot Building "Shared Elevator" Model Project in Kunming

In recent years, with the rise of shared bicycles and shared cars in various cities, "shared elevators" have gradually entered people's vision and are regarded as another direction in the era of shared economy, especially for Kunming, which has more old communities. It is not only an urgent practical need, but also a huge market demand.

According to the guiding opinions on accelerating the transformation of old urban residential areas jointly issued by the Department of housing and urban rural development of Yunnan Province, the provincial development and Reform Commission and the Provincial Department of finance, from 2019 to 2021, the transformation and upgrading of old residential areas in the whole province should be basically completed.

This year, Kunming will complete the renovation of about 2 million square meters of old residential areas, including road repair, greening and replanting, sewer dredging and elevator installation.

The living area of the Party School of the Provincial Party Committee, located at No. 6 Chunhui Road, is on the list of the first batch of old residential areas in Kunming. The relevant person in charge of the Fengning Sub-district Office in Wuhua District introduced that there are many practical considerations for choosing this community as a pilot. There are 24 units in the living area of the Party School of the provincial Party committee, each with 7 floors. Most of the more than 300 households are retired elderly people. Among them, more than half of the elderly are over 65 years old. There is no elevator in the community. For them with inconvenient legs, installing elevators is undoubtedly "just needed".

Since last year, Fengning Street has introduced Yunnan Branch of Fortis Xiaoyu Company to participate in the installation of "shared elevators" in accordance with the principle of "government guidance, owners' willingness, local conditions and pilot implementation. After many on-the-spot surveys and safety assessments, a total of 16 units in the living area of the provincial party Committee party school meet the elevator installation conditions. currently, 4 elevators are being installed in 1 building with 2 units, 3 buildings with 2 units and 5 buildings with 1 and 2 units.

"The'shared Elevator' model can solve the problem of insufficient funds on the one hand, and on the other hand, it can also alleviate neighborhood disputes caused by cost sharing." The relevant person in charge of Fengning Street said that in their work, they adopted the "three-step" strategy of party building to lead, people's sentiments, and overall coordination to promote elevator installation, and finally solicited more than 2/3 of the owners to sign and agree.

In December 2019, the project started. On the eve of the Spring Festival, the shared elevator installation project had to be temporarily suspended due to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.

With the arrival of the "resumption of work", the project contractor, after many consultations with the streets and communities, resumed construction on April 10 on the premise of ensuring safety, and is expected to complete the installation of four "shared elevators" in the living area of the Party School of the Provincial CPC Committee within 35 working days. and take this as a model project for Kunming to build a "shared elevator.











The installation of four "shared elevators" in the living area of the provincial party school is expected to be completed within 35 working days.

Operation · Realize "win-win" of enterprise residents with new mode"

For residents, there is no need to pay for the installation of elevators in the early stage, and everyone is more concerned about the subsequent use costs. In response, Liu Yuanyao, manager of the investment and development department of Yunnan Branch of Fortis Xiaoyu Company, said: "There is no use fee on the first floor. We initially consider paying 0.2 yuan for each use of the second and third floors, 0.25 yuan for each use of the fourth and fifth floors, and 0.3 yuan for each use of the sixth and seventh floors. Residents can also apply for monthly and annual cards, with the maximum annual card not exceeding 800 yuan/year. For everyone, the cost is very real."

As for the problems that residents are concerned about, such as whether the noise is big or not and whether it affects the lighting, the four elevators in the living area of the Party School of the Provincial Party Committee are all without machine room, and the sound volume can be as low as 30 decibels. Its facade is a glass curtain wall, which will not affect the lighting in the household. After the installation is completed, no ride fee will be charged during the commissioning phase. In addition to credit card, residents can also use fingerprint, face recognition, mobile phone scan code and other ways to pay for the elevator.


"In terms of elevator usage fees, since Yunnan Province and Kunming City currently have no pricing guidance, we also refer to the company's standards in Beijing, Jiangsu and other places to specify." Liu Yuanyao said that once the provinces and cities have relevant standards, they will follow local regulations.

"We don't need to pay for the elevator, we only pay for it, and the price is only a few cents. We all think it's a good deal!" Resident Wang Mingli said that five years ago, her wife fell and broke her right leg. She basically relied on wheelchairs to travel. It was very inconvenient for them to go upstairs and downstairs when they lived on the 6th floor. After the elevator is installed, you can push your wife downstairs every day.

For residents, "shared elevator" not only eliminates the high installation costs in the early stage, but also the later use fees are within the acceptable range, which is undoubtedly a good thing; but for enterprises, how to recover the early investment costs and achieve profitability?

Mr. Ye, the project manager of a company that installed elevators for nearly 10 years, calculated an account: At present, the installation cost of each elevator is between 350000 yuan and 400000 yuan, and the service life is 20 years. Residents pay between 8000 yuan and 10000 yuan per year, which is only enough to maintain the operation and maintenance expenses of one elevator. "It takes about 25 years for an enterprise to build a shared elevator to pay back its capital, and it needs a huge amount of working capital. Can this business model with huge investment and long payback cycle last long?"

In this regard, Liu Yuanyao said that the core of "shared elevator" profit is cost control and operation mode. "On the one hand, the company owns the elevator car advertising revenue; on the other hand, we plan to combine the Internet with the Internet of Things in the area covered by the 'shared Elevator', matching logistics companies, from the housekeeping, pension and other services provided to residents, in the future big data for the company to find profit points. In addition, the elevator property rights in the company, but also with movable property as a pledge to secure claims, expand the company's financing channels."

"We have estimated that there are about 130000 elevators in Yunnan. According to the calculation that each elevator covers 10 households, the user base can reach 1.3 million households, which is a huge market." Liu Yuanyao said he was "very confident" about this new business model ".

In fact, not all cells are suitable for "shared elevator" installation. Industry insiders said that the installation of "shared elevators" in old residential areas needs to consider conditions such as ownership of property rights, fire safety, and not being within the red line of government planning. At the same time, the safety level of the house must reach B or above. At present, in addition to the living area of the Party School of the Provincial Party Committee, the staff accommodation area of the West Second College of Kunming University and Yunnan Tourism Vocational College also meet the elevator installation conditions and standards, and the construction of each point is progressing one after another.











Kunming has an old district to install elevators. (Data Distribution)

Voice · Need better legal and technical standard supportAnyway,The "shared elevator" that many citizens are looking forward to will soon have a landing sample in Kunming. There is no doubt that the "water test" of "shared elevator" in Kunming provides a direction for solving the problem of "hanging old people" going up and down stairs. However, the "shared elevator" project implementation reference standard is sound? Is there still an unknown legal risk? In this regard, the reporter interviewed the housing and urban and rural construction departments, as well as more industry insiders.

"the installation of elevators in old residential areas has not yet been included in the building system, and is not within the scope of administrative examination and approval of the housing and urban and rural construction departments, and the leading departments for its filing and joint examination and approval are not clear." The relevant person in charge of the Wuhua District Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau said that strictly speaking, this is only a commercial activity between residents, properties and enterprises, and it also needs to meet conditions such as special equipment safety permits.

The person in charge also said that although the "Guiding Opinions on Adding Elevators to Existing Residential Buildings in Yunnan Province" has been issued, the implementation rules of the city and district have not yet been clarified, and the procedures for elevator installation such as filing and joint acceptance are faced with "no rules and regulations". Dilemma, and relying on the owner to organize the application for installation, the procedure is complicated and the cycle is long. "I have to admit that this is a new direction and a good thing for the masses."

Shi Lei, member of the Standing Committee of the Kunming Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and vice chairman of the Kunming Municipal Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party, holds the same view: "The birth of new things definitely requires someone to take the first step, and Nanchang and other places have specially introduced subsidy encouragement policies. You can refer to the existing national standards to try first, find problems in the process of trying, sum up experience, obtain relevant parameters, and then formulate rules to promote the formulation and improve local standards." "Over the past period of time, we have been promoting the installation of 'bus-style elevators' in Kunming, but the results have not been satisfactory, and the reason is still the upfront installation costs. This model solves the biggest problem of upfront installation costs, and is replicable and scalable." Shi Lei said that the CPPCC has also put forward suggestions to the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau before, and the installation of "shared elevators" can be achieved by allocating special funds and community maintenance funds. Rao Baojing, a lawyer at Yunnan Tianwaitian Law Firm, believes that the possible legal risks of "shared elevators" mainly lie in the later maintenance and use. For example, the user's own use is not standardized to cause damage to the elevator, the user's personal interest loss due to elevator quality problems, personal privacy and related information leakage, etc. In addition, the management and maintenance of elevators belongs to special industry operations, with a high degree of specialization and involves owners, property, elevator manufacturers, maintenance companies, quality supervision departments and other multi-stakeholder subjects. One of the major difficulties in the follow-up management and maintenance of elevators lies in the information asymmetry and opacity of all parties, which can easily lead to contradictions, distrust of each other and affect the daily travel of residents. "At present, there is no policy basis for 'shared elevators, 'and the government lacks corresponding effective regulatory measures. Whether this model is feasible or not needs to be considered by many parties. If there is a dispute and the negotiation fails, it can be solved through civil litigation according to law." "No matter what method is adopted, as long as it is safe and convenient, it is popular with everyone." Liu Yuanyao said that they also hope to use this "model project" to promote the improvement of the implementation process of installing "shared elevators" in old communities, and to be further promoted in various cities in Yunnan.

Source: Kunming Daily Headline, Kunming Daily

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