Exchange and Cooperation-Many Housing Enterprises in Bozhou District of Zunyi City Visit AVIC Elevator



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On May 28, under the organization of the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Bozhou District, Zunyi Poly Real Estate Co., Ltd., Zunyi City Investment Binjiang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Zunyi Tianji Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and more than 50 housing development companies visited AVIC Elevator Company, accompanied by members of the company's leadership team.

Representatives of real estate enterprises visited the company's modern exhibition hall, intelligent production workshop and other places in turn, and listened in detail to the introduction of the production and development of the enterprise.

After the visit, a symposium was held in the company's 501 conference room. Zhu Jie, deputy secretary of the party committee and general manager of AVIC Elevator Company, introduced the company's background, products, advantages and classic projects, so that all housing development enterprises have a better understanding of the company's manufacturing strength and service level.

At the end of the meeting, Hu Ming, party secretary and chairman of AVIC Elevator Company, made a concluding speech. He welcomed the arrival of Bozhou District Housing and Construction Bureau and various housing enterprises, and hoped that everyone would support the local excellent enterprise AVIC Elevator in elevator procurement. The company will provide you with excellent products and excellent products.Quality after-sales service, look forward to cooperating with more housing development companies in the future, and jointly contribute to local economic development.


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