Five years later, which of the staircase room and the elevator room is more valuable, under the new regulations, the answer is clear at a glance.



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Five years later, which of the staircase room and the elevator room is more valuable, under the new regulations, the answer is clear at a glance.

At the beginning of the development of the real estate industry, it is a very happy thing that people can live in a six or seven-story staircase room. For around 2000, a friend of mine chose to buy a staircase room. At that time, he also entertained relatives and friends and moved to a new house.

However, with the changes of the times, most of the staircase rooms have become the houses of the old community, and the author's friends are also hesitant to consider whether to change to an elevator room to live in, but they are reluctant to give up their own staircase house. For this kind of situation, in fact, many people are hesitating. When buying a house, many buyers are hovering between the elevator room and the staircase room.

In fact, the staircase room and the elevator room have their own advantages and disadvantages, and each has its own characteristics. For buyers, it depends on which kind of house is more suitable for their families. In addition, many people will compare which of the two kinds of houses is more valuable when buying a house, and many people have been arguing about it, but after the introduction of the new rules, which kind of house has a stronger ability to preserve value, the answer is very obvious. Let's first compare the advantages and disadvantages of the staircase room and the elevator room to understand the difference.

Advantages and disadvantages of the stair room

1, the advantages of the stairs room

First of all, the geographical location of the staircase room is better, because the construction time of the staircase room is earlier, occupying a better part of the city. And because of this, the surrounding facilities are also quite perfect, nearby large hospitals, shopping malls, schools are all available, for their own children to go to school is also more convenient. Moreover, both the bus stop sign and the subway entrance are relatively close, and it is convenient to go anywhere at ordinary times.

Secondly, the shared area of the staircase room is relatively small and the occupancy rate is relatively high. Because the floor of the stair room is relatively low, it is about six or seven floors, and there is no elevator, and the public part occupied is not very large. The public sharing rate is only about 10% ~ 15%, which can be said to be relatively small. It is also more cost-effective to choose the indoor area of the stair room.

Furthermore, the way of travel in the stair room is lower than that in the elevator room, which relies on elevators. Even if it takes the stairs to travel, it doesn't take much effort. You don't have to wait for the stairs and you can go out anytime and anywhere.

2, the shortcomings of the staircase room

For the staircase room, many people think of the dilapidated for the first time, and the fact is the same. The staircase room has been washed away by time, and it is indeed dilapidated. There is often garbage in the community, and there are relatively few cleaning staff in the community. They hardly clean the sanitation in the community, but are only responsible for the work of the trash can. In this way, no one cleans the rubbish littered by some people. Over time, the community will become messy.

There is also the planning problem of the residential area, because the construction of the stair house is relatively old, the design and planning at that time is definitely not as perfect as it is now, and there is even no underground parking lot. As a result, the vehicles parked in the community appear to be crowded. In some places, even the roads have been occupied, making the roads very narrow. Usually, you have to take a "single lane" when you leave the community ".

Finally, in terms of daily life, the lines and pipelines of some stair houses are very old, and they may encounter line problems, power outages, or pipeline problems, unable to supply water, or impurities in the water supplied. This will cause trouble to the residents living here, resulting in low quality of life.

Advantages and disadvantages of the elevator room

1, the advantages of the elevator room

Now many young people are willing to choose the elevator room living, because the elevator room living comfort is better. For example, in terms of the environment, the green environment of the elevator room is better, and there are more trees planted, which makes people look relaxed and happy; then the elevator room has a special property, and the sanitation of the community will be cleaned regularly to ensure the environment in the community. Clean and tidy.

The service of the property will make the living life of the owners more comfortable. There will be a guard at the door to prevent outsiders from entering, ensuring the safety of the owners. Even if there is a water and electricity problem at ordinary times, you can report it to the property and find someone to repair it. In this way, the owners can save a lot of thoughts and the living quality is better.

2. Disadvantages of the elevator room

The disadvantage of the elevator room is first of all the problem of the shared area, because the floor of the elevator room is generally relatively high, and the elevator is also a public area, and the shared area is relatively large. Generally, it can reach about 20% to 30%. In this way, for buyers, the occupancy rate is not very high. For example, for a house of 100 square meters, the actual indoor area is only between 80 and 70 square meters.

Furthermore, the elevator room is more dependent on the elevator, because the floor of the elevator room is generally higher, usually have to travel through the elevator. And the elevator is also a kind of consumables, over time, the elevator loss is more serious, it is necessary to regular maintenance. When the elevator is repaired, it cannot be taken, which will affect the travel of the residents. Even some residents are unwilling to go out during the elevator maintenance period, and they really don't want to climb the stairs.

Finally, the geographical location of the elevator room is not ideal, because for many newly built elevator rooms, they are all built on the edge of the city, and the surrounding supporting facilities are not perfect. For people in life, it is not very convenient to do anything, such as going to the hospital to run to the city, but the bus stop and subway entrance are far away, so it is not convenient to travel.

The comparison between the stair room and the elevator room is very obvious. For the stair room, the surrounding facilities are very convenient for life, but the living conditions are not very good; while the living conditions of the elevator room are better, but the surrounding supporting facilities are not perfect. This is indeed difficult for buyers to choose. So 5 years later, which kind of house more value? Under the new regulations, it is also very clear, let us understand the content of the new regulations.

This year, the state issued the "Guiding Opinions on Comprehensively Promoting the Reconstruction of Old Urban Communities", which mentioned the need to reform eligible houses. This time, the old reform is divided into basic category, improvement category and promotion category. The three categories have comprehensively promoted the old residential area. Improve the greening of the residential area, build or maintain non-motor vehicle sheds, plan the setting of garbage collection and transportation points, repair and transform water supply and power supply facilities, repair and transform fire fighting facilities, repair and transform residential buildings, natural gas transformation, planning parking spaces, and install elevators.

This is not a small promotion for the old community. For the stair room, many of them are old communities, and many stair rooms are planned to be within the scope of the old reform. Therefore, many staircase rooms will also be equipped with elevators, and the advantages of elevators will no longer exist. Moreover, in the Code for Residential Projects (for comments), it is mentioned that elevators should be installed in newly-built residential buildings with four or more floors or newly-built residential buildings with a floor height of more than 9 meters from the outdoor design ground at the entrance of households, and stations should be installed on each floor with doors and public corridors. This also means that in the future, new multi-storey residential buildings will be equipped with elevators, and more and more buyers may choose multi-storey residential buildings in the future, which has impacted the market of high-rise residential buildings with elevator houses.

In this comparison, the author believes that after 5 years, the staircase room is still more valuable than the elevator room. For buyers to buy a house, if you want to find a good school for your children, you can still choose a staircase room. For young people, most of them are still willing to live in the elevator room. How to choose a house still depends on the wishes of the buyers themselves and the family situation.

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