Thrilling! Hangzhou 6-year-old boy took the elevator, an operation trapped in a 30cm wide gap for 3 hours! Fortunately



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Thrilling! Hangzhou 6-year-old boy took the elevator, an operation trapped in a 30cm wide gap for 3 hours! Fortunately

At about 19:30 on August 19, the owner of a market in the jurisdiction sent an alarm call to Xiasha of the Qiantang District Public Security Bureau, anxiously saying that his 6-year-old son had been lost for more than three hours and asked the police to help find it.

After receiving the police, police officer Ji Funan immediately rushed to the scene. Through inspection and monitoring, he found that the little boy did not walk out of the market gate, and there was no activity track in the market.

Where would a 6-year-old child be? Time went by minute by minute, and it didn't work. Ji Funan immediately arranged the market patrol police to carry out a carpet search in every corner of the market. In the communication with the child's family, Ji Funan learned that the child walked out of his playmate's home at about 5 pm, and then disappeared.

After asking in detail about the location of the playmate's home, Ji Funan stepped up the search for the surrounding location. Ten minutes later,Good news came, there were children crying in the elevator on the second floor of the market..The elevator maintenance personnel checked repeatedly from the gap between the elevators on the third floor and determined that the little boy was trapped outside the elevator door on the second floor.

After arriving at the scene, the police found that the little boy was trapped in the market warehouse. Usually, only the staff on the second floor of the elevator would take it. When the staff left work at 5 pm, they would lock the anti-theft door outside the elevator door to prevent the goods in the warehouse from being stolen. after leaving his playmate's home on the same day, the boy took the elevator and was naughty for a while,I mistakenly pressed the elevator key on the second floor and was trapped between the elevator and the security door after coming out..

At this time, the little boy has been trapped in the "closed" space for more than 3 hours, emotional, crying. Time is life. In order to prevent children from excessive behavior, Ji Funan immediately went to the anti-theft door to communicate with the trapped children, calming the children's mood, relieving psychological pressure, and letting the children not move inside and waiting for rescue.

At the same time, Ji Funan and the market scouts launched a timely rescue. The distance between the security door and the elevator door is too narrow,Ji Funan decided to let the market scouts use tools to slowly pry open the security door to avoid hurting the little boy.. When the security door opens a crack,Use a crowbar to drive the security door open little by little......After some efforts, the child was successfully rescued, and the little boy came out of the door and spoke aggrieved beside the police.

Seeing the safe rescue of the child, Jifunan breathed a sigh of relief, praised the little boy's bravery, and told the little boy's parents to take good care of the child in the future.

Source: Qiantang Public Security, Hangzhou Network

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