The province's more than 300 "shared elevators" unfinished free installation of "shared elevators" is unreliable



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The province's more than 300 "shared elevators" unfinished free installation of "shared elevators" is unreliable

  Recently, Mr. Liu (surname Hua), a resident of the dormitory of the Finance Bureau of Nanchang Xinjian District, reported to reporters from Dajiang Network (Information Daily) and Dajiang News Client that the two "shared elevators" in his district had been shut down for nearly a year, and the unfinished steel frame elevator shaft made residents in and out nervous. The reporter's investigation found that a total of 23 "shared elevators" in Nanchang City have been shut down. How to deal with these unfinished elevator shafts is still a question mark.

 Nanchang Xinjian District Finance Bureau dormitory unfinished shared elevator only empty shelves

  "Shared Elevator" Unfinished Company Empty

In November 2020, Jiangxi Branch of a construction engineering company plans to build three elevators in the dormitory of the Finance Bureau of the new district of Nanchang City, but to this day, only two steel frame elevator shafts have been built in front of the unit building, and the project is in a state of shutdown. A few days ago, the reporter saw at the scene that the entrances of the two "shared elevators" were covered by wooden boards, the elevator shaft at the bottom was also filled with cement, the whole steel frame was rusty from top to bottom, and the scene was not managed.

"It's been almost two years since the elevator was signed and agreed to be built. I didn't expect it to be built yet." Mr. Wang, a resident living in unit 1, building 2, dormitory of the Finance Bureau of Xinjian District, told reporters that at that time, the company came to the community to promote the "free elevator installation" project. After listening to the introduction, the residents felt very satisfied and signed a contract with the other party. Unexpectedly, it is now empty. Another resident, Mr. Hu, is worried that although the company promises to install elevators for residents free of charge, it cannot be suddenly abandoned. Whether to demolish or continue to build, the company needs to give residents an explanation as soon as possible.

The reporter came to the company located in Building B, Taihao Science and Technology Plaza, Nanchang High-tech Zone, and found that the company had already been empty. The property staff of the building revealed that the company had ceased business at the beginning of the year, and the reporter called the person in charge of the company many times at the scene but no one answered.

  The province's unfinished "shared elevators" exceed 300 units.

It is understood that most of the residents of the above-mentioned dormitory buildings are retired employees of the newly-built District Finance Bureau. In order to solve the problem of unattended elevator work in the community, a staff member of the District Finance Bureau said that the District Finance Bureau has repeatedly negotiated with Zhongsheng Yiyuan, while the other party said that "there are financial difficulties and construction cannot be started for the time being."

According to the staff member, the company had previously proposed that residents should voluntarily deposit RMB 5000 yuan or more in their own name in the company's designated cooperative bank (each household is capped at 15000 yuan, and the principal and interest belong to the owner) as a daily elevator ride. The district finance bureau believed that the scheme was suspected of illegal fund-raising and rejected it. At present, the District Finance Bureau is trying to negotiate with the company to transfer the property rights of the elevator and subsequent construction.

On January 4, 2021, the Office of the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Jiangxi Province issued the "Risk Reminder Letter on Free Installation of Elevators" (hereinafter referred to as the "Risk Letter"), reminding residents that once they agree to install "shared elevators" Problems may cause damage to the interests of business agents, construction advance investors, design companies, elevator companies, residents and other parties.

After more than a year, the worries in the "risk letter" have become a reality, and many free "shared elevators" have become unfinished projects. The reporter learned from the housing and construction department that 23 "shared elevators" have been shut down in Nanchang alone, and the number in the province has exceeded 300.

  Headquarters says it plans to finish by 2023

"Responsible for the project and satisfy the masses", as a slogan of the company, has long occupied a prominent position on its official website. However, it is such a project builder that claims to be able to "make the elderly in old communities happy and happy in the elderly". The elevators installed free of charge in many places in Jiangxi are unfinished. Residents look at the unfinished elevator shafts. Obviously, I can't be happy.

In response to the current unfinished situation of "shared elevators" in many places in Jiangxi, the chairman of the company revealed to reporters that the project achieved this point, in fact, the company "overstepped", and the free elevator installation project should have been managed by the company's head office. Unified dispatch, but the head office of the Jiangxi branch did not actually understand the situation.

Chen Dashun said that the company should have paid 20 million yuan in management fees to the head office, but the Jiangxi branch only paid more than 900,000 yuan. Because the amount does not meet the requirements, the head office will not be responsible for the actions of the Jiangxi branch. The branch only undertakes the project under the banner of the head office.

When it comes to how to deal with unfinished projects, Chen Dashun said confidently that in 2023, the head office will sort out the unfinished projects all over the country and invest funds to complete these free elevator projects. Where does the "capital" come from and what is the profit model of the enterprise? Chen Dashun refused to answer on the grounds of trade secrets.

According to APP data, the company was established in January 2016 and has now entered the list of dishonesty. The company still has 219 self-risks and 251 related risks. Chen Dashun, the legal representative of the company, has been restricted from high consumption, and there are 2 pieces of information on filing a case.

According to data, the (Shaanxi) Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and (Shandong) Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. invested by the company are untrustworthy enterprises announced by the Supreme People's Court. The list of untrustworthy enterprises also includes Jiangxi Branch and Deyang Branch as subsidiaries of the company. Branch, Hunan Branch. In addition, Hainan Branch also has serious illegal information.

Although Zhongsheng Yiyuan promises to complete eligible unfinished projects, according to the company's own risks, whether it can be completed next year still needs to be a question mark.

  "Shared elevator" rotten tail problem?

The staff of the Real Estate Market Supervision Office of the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Jiangxi Province introduced to reporters that the free installation of "shared elevators" seems to be that residents have picked up "cheap", but in fact they have picked up sesame seeds and lost watermelons. For example, when the company installed the "shared elevator" for free, it had already owned the elevator property right. If the company had operational difficulties, it could take back the elevator, which was very unfavorable to the residents.

The staff confessed to the reporter that as long as the residents can get back the elevator property rights, the housing and construction department can coordinate from it. "We have received suggestions from the housing and construction department of districts and cities. The local government wants to allocate funds to build the rest, but it cannot solve the problem of elevator property rights. It is difficult to carry out this work."

 Post-maintenance of elevators or undertaken by residents

The notice on further promoting the financial subsidy for the installation of elevators in existing residential buildings in our city (hereinafter referred to as the "notice") issued by the office of Nanchang Municipal People's government clearly states that the financial subsidy standard for residents to install elevators will be increased by 50% on the original basis. Under the new regulations, "the subsidy for four-to five-storey residential buildings is 120000 yuan/set, and that for six-storey and above residential buildings is 150000 yuan/set".

According to this standard, the company can enjoy a financial subsidy of 150000 yuan per unit after installing elevators in the dormitory of the Finance Bureau of the new district. According to the cost of installing elevators in the market, the cost of an elevator is about 300000 yuan to 400000 yuan. As a result, the elevator company even suffered losses in terms of return on investment, and the sustainability of the operation mode is in doubt.

"Even if you count the later advertising, pension promotion and other projects, it is not enough to recover the cost, the elevator operation is a problem. And the elevator is a special equipment, the general elevator life is not very long, if the company's late operation is not good, resulting in the elevator maintenance is not timely, the elevator did not pass the annual inspection, the elevator will face the risk of being shut down." The staff told reporters that if the company no longer hires a professional maintenance unit to carry out regular maintenance on the elevator, the maintenance cost can only be borne by the residents.

Source: Dajiang Network, Jiangxi News Network

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